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Nat will bring trust back to Allentown Government


Nat will fight to ensure that our streets are safe for everyone

About Nat

Nat Hyman was born and raised in Allentown, his father was a doctor here for 55 years and Nat along with his wife Erica raised their 2 daughters Julia and Lizzie here in Allentown.

He graduated from The Hill School in Pottstown and earned his B.A. from Georgetown University and his Masters Degree from Columbia University

With absolutely NO plans to pursue a career in politics, Nat decided he had to run for Mayor in order to try and pull Allentown out from under the cloud of scandal that its current Mayor has put it in.

Allentown should be enjoying its finest hour of economic opportunity with the establishment of the NIZ Zone (neighborhood improvement zone). Instead the city is missing our chance to grow and become one of this nation’s great cities while waiting for its Mayor to be convicted on a 54 Count indictment!

Running the city of Allentown, the third largest city in Pennsylvania is like running a $100 million business. You can’t be prepared for such a responsibility unless you’ve done it and Nat has!  He started a multimillion-dollar business from 1 store and grew it to 104 stores nationwide and with stores in London, Puerto Rico and Canada.  Landau is the ONLY national retail chain with headquarters here in Allentown.

Nat then started Hyman Properties from nothing into over 1,000,000 square feet of building space in Allentown.  Currently, he is investing $40 million in affordable housing in Allentown with absolutely NO government assistance, benefits or tax incentives.  He is the ONLY Developer doing that for the city.

Nat Hyman has served on the Board of Directors and as Chairman for the largest fundraiser for the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Allentown and has proudly supported the following organizations: The Crisis Treatment Center, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Autism Speaks, American Lung Association, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, National Breast Cancer Foundation, American Cancer Society, Jewish Federation, American Family Services, Peaceable Kingdom, Penn Environment and Nature Preservation.


Nat Hyman is a fiscal conservative who understands the need to keep taxes low, control government spending and facilitate pro-growth policies. Nat’s extensive business experience is exactly what Allentown needs to encourage economic development for businesses and a prosperous community for citizens. “

Dr. Jim Broussard, Chairmen of Citizens Against Higher Taxes

Nat Hyman has integrity, civility and experience Allentown needs.

United States Congressman Charlie Dent

I hope you will join me in supporting Nat Hyman for Mayor.  He will bring Integrity back to the office and make Allentown a safer place to live and raise your family.” 

District Attorney Jim Martin, Lehigh County’s highest ranking law enforcement official, has endorsed Nat as the best candidate for Mayor to reduce the crime in our city and restore a good working relationship with our police department.

District Attorney Jim Martin

Citizens Against Higher Taxes is the oldest taxpayer rights organization in Pennsylvania prioritizing the fight against policies that raise taxes and hurt Pennsylvania’s economy.

Hyman Properties


Fire Department

Mayoral candidate Nat Hyman met with the Firemans local 302 to get a jumpstart on a positive dialogue and relationship with them. As everyone knows, the firefighters have a terrible relationship with current Mayor Ed Pawlowski, barely communicating with each other.

 Hyman said “When I am Mayor, on day one, I want to sit down with all of the stakeholders from the firefighters, push the reset button and start a fresh new relationship. While I cannot promise you that I will always tell you what you want to hear or agree with everything you want, I can promise that I will always listen and do what is in the best interest of Allentown. I have absolutely no other agenda.”

Hyman went on to say that he considers there to be 3 non-negotiable items in the city budget…. fire, police and EMS. He said “if we do not have a safety, we simply do not have a city. Safety is the foundation for everything we want to do in this city.” He addressed the fact that there are fewer firefighters today than 12 years ago and called that “obscene, particularly when you consider that they have double the call volume from 12 years ago!”

He likewise said that the fact that they do not have a functional ladder truck while Bethlehem has 3 is unconscionable.”It is not a function of if there will be a tragedy but rather when and the likelihood of loss of life is very real”. Finally, he assured the firefighters that if he is Mayor, they will have a friend in city hall as he views his number one job as Mayor is to ensure that every citizen is safe and that we do everything we can to get every firefighter and police officer home safely at night.

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